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[rz007] AleX Tune - Dream That I Saw 2009

[rz007] AleX Tune - Dream That I Saw 2009

[rz007] AleX Tune - Dream That I Saw 2009

Artist: AleX Tune
Name: Dream That I Saw
Date: 31.01.2009
Style: Hardcore
Label: RusZUD Net Label
Format: Free Net-release (MPEG2)
Bitrate:Audio:Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (16:9) 29.97fps 4200Kbps


AleX Tune born in Odessa, Ukraine, 28 october 1983. In 1999 first time started producing hardcore, acid, hartrance tunes. In 2004 started DJing, playing different hardcore styles from early rave to . In 2006 together with DJ Belkin founded the biggest all over Ukraine hardcore promotional group - Bangin' Beats Promo. In 2007 was first time released on compilation of russian net label RusZUD. Today most like playing and producing uptempo Hardcore, Speedcore, Breakcore,Terrorcore.

To look video and  DOWNLOAD
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