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Outta Nowhere, Inc. is the brainchild of David Gomez, or better known as Dave to pretty much everyone else except the government. This whole little project started harmlessly enough as a funny joke in a friend's backyard that someone should throw an event that was produced BY party kids, FOR party kids. That little backyard brainstorm back in November of 2001 resulted in the beginnings of one of the more memorable parties in 2002…'Back to the Future.'

From that moment on, Dave was hooked on the idea of giving something back to the underground scene that had done so much for him. So he began by assembling a crew of ragtag-ravers and diehard dance music fans (about 4 or 5 of us in the early days) to hand out ¼ page black & white photocopies of some party that was happening 4 months later, in March 2002, promising "3 Areas [with] Massive Headliners.

Dave made sure to stay true to his word on his flyers and proceeded to produce an event that was made BY party kids, FOR party kids, and that would have TRULY MASSIVE Headliners! Over the next 4 months, Dave and his crew (which grew to numbers of about 10 or 12 kids) got the word out on a party called, "Back to the Future," which promised to have some of the best international talent that Los Angeles had EVER seen.

Well, March 2nd came around and everyone had a great time and many memories were made that night. We brought out LOCK N' LOAD as well as DJ ISAAC for their FIRST US APPEARANCE EVER!! Plus, in the Hardcore room, we had TRUE 2x4's the WHOLE nightlong! Definitely a night to remember. But because we went just a little over out budget, and because of some other internal reasons (that really highlighted the negative sides to the scene, but what's done is done) Outta Nowhere was forced to go step out of the light for a little while and regroup our forces.

Now, after almost 9 months in remission, Outta Nowhere is ready to make it's appearance in the scene once again. However, Outta Nowhere has changed a little bit since you all last saw us. Now Outta Nowhere is an incorporated company that "specializes in Nite-Life Accessories." With our renewed and refocused energies, we plan to bring a new caliber to Los Angeles Night Life!! We are constantly redesigning our look to better suit you, the party kid of the night!!

As for the Future, Dave really doesn't like to speculate on where things will go, but instead, only says, "Live and Work for Today."

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